Here is a list of websites that are just plain weird. Mainly because most of the content in these websites are funny and or stupid. Most of the information on these websites are not really alarming but still be wary whatever you read in here:

If you want to email me to add new websites on the list or wants yours to be remove, you may contact me here:

1. - New World Order Watch

The site claims to be dedicated to tracking the movement and behavior of the new world order. Who is this new world order you say? I don’t know, I don’t wanna know and I don’t care to know. But as says in the comment box of this website. The site maintainer is indeed crazy.

2. - Femboy Database

The site is dedicated to listing all the femboys in anime, manga and JRPGs. Now why would you dedicate yourself with that? Liking femboys perhaps? Is the site maintainer a femboy himself? a crossplayer? But for me having to track cartoon femboys and making a list is weird.