Here is a list of websites that spread misinformation or fake news that is hosted on neocities. I found most of these websites on the wild either being referred or mentioned on a social media network and some on forums.

If you want to email me to add new websites on the list or wants yours to be remove, you may contact me here:

1. - Spyware “Watchdog”

This website is trying to redefine the term spyware to be almost anything that establishes a connection to the internet without some sort of a dialogue box. This also includes auto-updating which they classify as a spyware behavior.

I would say avoid this website as mostly their overboard behavior constitutes fear mongering.

2. - Dig deeper

The person maintaining this website is an anti-vaxxer. Specifically believes that Covid is a “fake” pandemic. Furthermore the site maintainer also discourages auto-updating where they believe that Autoupdate has always been used for bad, its purpose was always to take control away from the user, updating should ALWAYS be a choice.

For one, autoupdates existed because user themselves forget to manually update their software during the time where there was no autoupdating and chat clients like mIRC required you to uninstall and reinstall a newer version of the software.

What’s wrong with software having autoupdates by default but can be turned off at user’s discretion? I can understand if the autoupdate is implemented in a forced fashion like Windows 10 and 11 has but for the majority. It serves as a collective good especially when it comes to stopping exploits.

3. - We Are All Born Free

The site maintainer believes that the Covid is a “fake” pandemic.

4. - Against Modern Browsers

The site maintainer believes that by moving every browser to chromium is a good idea because all compatibility and speed problems get resolved.

It seems they have forgotten about monopolies and how it is not a good thing. The V3 manifest for example was a shot by Google towards adblockers, because the V3 manifest wants to deprecate an API within the networking code of Chromium itself that is essentially the backbone of all adblockers and replace it with an inferior one.

Now what is this implication with monopoly? well now if google pushes V3 manifest, then all forks will have to follow, otherwise they’ll have to fork their own networking code-base which would mean that a divergence will occur, thus breaking the purpose of adopting to chromium at all.

Do not ever forget, that in the world of monopoly, he who controls the project, controls the standard.